Markets and Applications

Our Software Builds Models 100 Times Faster

Financial Services

  • Traders and Investor Relations Departments gain insight into how news stories will move stocks.
  • Financial News Services can better classify the firehose of news for their users.


  • Providers leverage clinical records to enhance ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding quality, and improve revenues.
  • Hospitals use clinical records, including patient notes, to better utilize valuable resources and to reduce re-admissions.


  • Analyze call center notes and emails to identify customers who are likely to leave
  • See Sentiment expressed in social media postings about a company, brand, product or political candidate
  • Incorporate available text into marketing models

Document Handling

  • Search for similar documents
  • Take document and sentence structure into account when searching
  • Automatically route email messages
  • Make smart search of large collections of documents be more powerful and efficient
  • Find similar images

Web Sites

  • Benefit from "Moderator Assistant" software for managing comments from readers

Fraud Detection

  • Find unusual patterns in unstructured data that point to anomalies